When the People Cheer: How Hip-Hop Failed Black America

Maybe I’m taking a measure of my good fortune. Maybe. Or maybe it’s a little more complicated than that. Maybe domination isn’t quite a victory. Maybe everpresence isn’t quite a virtue.

"Still… we shoulder a strange burden, which is that people expect us to be both meaningful and popular. We expect that. But those things don’t necessarily work together, especially in the hip-hop world of today."
– Questlove, When the People Cheer: How Hip-Hop Failed Black America

"The most interesting characteristic of the cube is that it is relatively uninteresting. Therefore it is the best form to use as a basic unit for any more elaborate function, the grammatical device from which the work may proceed"
– Sol LeWitt

"There’s something awful about that ‘economy of means’. I don’t know why, but I resent that immediately. I don’t go out of my way to be economical. I object to the whole reduction idea, because it’s only reduction of those things someone doesn’t want. If my work is reductionist, it’s because it doesn’t have the elements that people thought should be there."
– Donald Judd

"Simplicity of shape does not necessarily equate with simplicity of experience."
– Robert Morris